The Art of Silly – Day 270 – Sillyness

I went rock climbing today and ended up rolling around on the training mattress area underneath the upside down climbs. There was a sign up saying 13yrs and over, as me and my friend rolled around like 5 year olds. This reminded me what a reward it is to be able to be silly sometimes.


At the age of 7 Jane wasn’t selling homemade lemonade at her stand, she was selling youth. This young entrepreneur would charge 2 dollars to be silly with her. She would make adults pull faces, make animal noises and dance.

The stall quickly became a hit in the high street of her inner city suburb, so with the help of her mum they made it into franchise and an app. Jane now employs hundreds of children across the world, as well as adults with blue cards to ensure their safety. Each child is a certified “silly coach” and each child adds their own flavour to their classes, including Jarryd known for wearing a homemade raccoon outfit and Mika who holds cake throwing classes.

The franchises are particularly popular before and after work in inner city business areas. When asked for an interview Jane simply sent us a soundbite of her pulling a raspberry. 

Unable – Day 269 – Wedding Singers

I listen, dance, watch

But never open my mouth

Unable to speak

I sit here listening to my man Matt, and his friend Jess prepare to sing at a wedding. It’s a real treat, watching them work out chords makes me realise there is an entire language I can understand, but not speak.

Animal Burials – Day 268 – Nerida’s Treasure Hunt

Someone did finally try to follow my treasure hunt in the library- Nerida! Unfortunately it was taken down so the didn’t find anything. However Nerida did see my Lizard story from the other day and decided to send me on another hunt. Such a good reward! She commented: “Tree lizard has friends… a koala and a wombat are lurking nearby.”

So I set off today in the rain looking for Koala and Wombat. It took me about 20 mins of walking around the wet campus until I found them:

20140822_130637 20140822_130946


Years later

Other animals see Lizard

They love Lizard

They love Tree

Befriend other Trees

It becomes an honour for an animal

To be buried in a tree

The spirit will never be lonely

Encased in breathing branch

Or tangled in writhing roots

Dinolution – Day 267 – Mystery Solved!

Yesterday I found a dinosaur on my site…since then I’ve had lots of people try to help me:

“I’d first do a few tests: Is the image present in the offline version of the website? Does the dinosaur appear in the header image if the image is changed to something else? If yes, play with the dimensions and positioning of the image and see what happens to the dinosaur.”


“Dinosaurs never went extinct they just uploaded to the internet.”

But I still had no idea where it came from. Until about 11am this morning. When finally the culprit came forward.

Message from friend Aidan: 

HAHAHAHA Finally! I put it there 12 days ago. It’s been driving me crazy that you haven’t noticed. You wrote a story on my computer months ago and didn’t log out of WordPress. When I realised I just had to hide a dinosaur in your banner. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done all year.”

Well played Aidan, well played. Here’s today’s story.

Dinolution: The period of time on earth during the early 3000s where the climate changed so drastically that small dinosaurs began to evolve. There appearance wasn’t noticed at first because of the severe weather, but many rich people began to adopt these tiny creatures as pets. Even a mini Jurassic Park was opened. 

Soon Aidan is about to meet these mini dinosaurs and he shall be welcomed to the Dinolution. Will keep you posted on that one :)



Found a Dinosaur – Day 266 – Seriously, someone put a Dinosaur on my Site!

I can barely type this!

Staring blankly at site wondering what to write about.

Notice weird shape on header of my site.

Looks like a dinosaur. I must be tired.

Zoom in.



So many questions!

Who did this?


Is my website safe?

What is dinosaur’s name?

Google “trolls put a dinosaur on my website”


Now I am putting this mystery to you. Where did this come from? I need to know. I am freaking out. This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone ever.

Here is my story (I’ve done a story on Dara a dinosaur before so I decided to make the sequel):

Part 1:

Dara the dinosaur dwelled on distressing memories. He’d deceived the other dinosaurs too long, discreetly dancing in the dark. So he declared his desire to dazzle. Despite a delightful performance, demeaning derision of his dreams had been hurled like daggers, drawing tears like blood.

Disowned by the pack because of his differences he despaired. He kept his distance so he could defend himself, and his devotion to dance dissipated. But his dreams never depleted. Detached in his small domain he drew divine depictions of dozens of dazzled fans in the damp earth until his dying days.

Dormant for millions of years, he decomposed but his bones were durable and Dara and his destiny were not destroyed. Now Dara is displayed in all his dazzling glory, demanding the adoring gaze of hundreds day in day out.

Part 2:

But Dara doesn’t stop there. A small daggy boy with a debilitating love for Dara the Dinosaur dabbled in web design. The boy would take over derelict websites, and devilishly dissect newspages directly inserting pictures of Dara. The trend spread like disease, soon all trolls were doing it. The boy never divulged his secret, he felt he had done his duty. Dara continued to dazzle and dinosaurs were not dead. 

Dougal the Dog – Day 265 – My Subconscious Writes a story

Dougal the dog would howl at the moon. But the moon never applauded. The three stray cats who lived near him would laugh at him, but he knew he had a talent. So one day he snuck into the Globe after one of the theatre productions and howled for the audience. They adored him. He became so popular that his ‘singing dog’ routine overtook the main plays. Unfortunately Dougal was killed by a crazed playwright who was seen patting the three cats just a day before. After that Macbeth was the most popular play at the Globe.

Today my reward is letting my subconscious write my story. I had a dream about seeing a singing dog in the Globe theatre.  

Wooden Embrace – Day 264 – Late

Found this Wooden Lizard on a tree at uni, must have just been put up. Nice surprise. 



Tree loves Lizard

Lizard loves Tree

Trees live longer than Lizards

Lizard stays with Tree till the end

In the last moment Tree grows around Lizard

Lizard and Tree will always be together