Pixels – Day 189 – Lucy & TV

Lucy tells me she finds it hard to go to sleep and not watch that next episode of TV…

The two children observe each other. The girl holds her buzzing pixels like a shield.

“Why are you filming me?” he asks.

“I’m not it’s a monitor.”

“What does it monitor?”

“Nothing, it’s just a screen. I watch my life on it.”

“Isn’t that what eyes are for?”

“Maybe. The doctor says I won’t need it much longer.” She gives him a brief moment of eye contact. “I can even sleep without the TV sometimes.”

“Why do you need it now?”

“It helps me feel safe.”


“Stop asking questions.”

“Why? I’m just being friendly.”

He goes to touch her, she withdraws.

“You’re not real.”

“Of course I’m real!”

“You can’t hurt me, you’re just pixels.”

My girl – Day 188 – Catching

I needed a pinch and punch on the 1st day of the month- I forgot to announce this month’s theme! “Difficult” what do you find hard? I’ll try it.

To start the ball rolling I’ll tell you one thing I find stupidly hard- catching it again. (See what I did there?) Seriously I find catching balls (or anything thrown to me) really hard and incredibly nerve wracking (because I can’t catch). 

I look out at the sea of waist-height blue people. Their floppy hats hide their tiny faces as they throw the ball to one another. Which one is she? The ball cuts through through the air hard and fast hitting one with skinny little stick legs square in the face. That’s my girl. 

She’s eye height now, I watch her and her skinny legs tottering to the car in heels. She’s not my girl anymore. I throw her the keys. She fumbles and they land an inch away from the storm drain. As I watch her drive off I know, that’s my girl. 

Mugs – Day 187 – Downstairs Conspiracy

Coming to you from Downstairs Conspiracy where there is a shortage of chai mugs at the arts night I’m at. No one likes a mug shortage.

The stranger had left the quiet town as quickly as he’d come. He asked for people to donate mugs. His voice was smooth and persuasive. Only one woman was unconvinced. The people flocked to her for tea. And suddenly the town was alive, and loud. Eventually the stranger came back. With him he brought a giant mug sculpture. The people weren’t angry, they put it in the centre of the woman’s make shift chai yard.